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Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc., was formed in March of 1984 as an electrical construction firm, concentrating on commercial, institutional and industrial projects. Anthony (Tony) Mikec founded the family-owned company and brought with him more than 40 years experience in the electrical construction industry. By his side were his three sons, Mark, Neil, and Todd and now his grandson, Anton, joins in serving in critical roles in the company’s operations. In addition to the Mikec family, the Lighthouse Electric team consists of many valuable key personnel. . . skilled managers and estimators, talented craftsmen and a dedicated administrative staff. The success of any company depends on its people, and Lighthouse Electric is proud to have such impressive employees, who have contributed to a record of successful projects for over 35 years.

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Lighthouse Electric | Anthony (Tony) Mikec
Anthony (Tony) Mikec
Founder & Chairman

Anthony Mikec, or as he would prefer “Tony”, was born the youngest of seven children to Mary and Anton Mikec, immigrants from Yugoslavia. They journeyed separately to the United States both in search of a better life…and later met and were married. Like so many other immigrants, Tony’s father worked in the coal mines in support of Pittsburgh’s bustling steel industry. He and his wife settled in a small mining enclave of Hackett in Peters Township, Pennsylvania where they raised their family.

An American Story

Lighthouse Electric | Todd A. Mikec
Todd A. Mikec
Chief Executive Officer

Having founded Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc. in 1984 with his father and brothers, Todd now oversees all aspects of the company in administration and field operations as well as maintains the company’s overall vision and direction. In addition to his roles at Lighthouse, he currently serves as President of the local chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and serves on the local Labor Management Cooperation Committee (LMCC). Previously, he served as an active member of the NECA Future Leaders Program and spent time on the local Apprenticeship Committee.

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Lighthouse Electric | Anton Mikec
Anton Mikec
President/Chief Operating Officer

Anton has brought the third generation of the family into the administration and daily operation of the company. He is a graduate of Robert Morris University with a degree in Business Management. He has over 25 years of experience spent working diligently in the field, as a project manager on large projects and as project executive in the office overseeing the project management team helping to guide projects to a successful completion. Mr. Mikec spends time with the Estimating Department and maintains an in-depth knowledge of each job with the project manager throughout the duration of the job. He is an active participant in the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and is currently involved in the NECA Future Leaders program.

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Lighthouse Electric | Mark Mikec
Mark Mikec
Vice President of Production

With over 35 years of experience in the electrical trade Mark brings a practical approach to guiding the company into the future. While keeping in contact with company operations and the service department helps to maintain ongoing customer and employee relationships, it also allows him to stay in touch with many day to day operational issues. Seeing the need for structure as the company continues to grow, he is working on new programs and procedures that keep employees working safely and smart. He believes that Lighthouse will remain strong if it maintains a high degree of professionalism, while consistently doing work right the first time and completing projects on time, safely.

“It is my goal to empower the younger generation to achieve even bigger things than we ever dreamed of doing when we started this business.”

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Lighthouse Electric | Neil Mikec
Neil Mikec
Vice President of Development

Neil plays a valuable role in the daily operations at Lighthouse Electric as he oversees and guides the Estimating Department on every bid that goes out the door. His hands on approach and personal experience in the field give him the insight to put together thorough and realistic evaluations of each job from the initial bid through the project closeout. He also remains an important part of the Lighthouse administration, guiding the company’s overall operations and vision.

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Lighthouse Electric | P. Douglas Brock
P. Douglas Brock
Chief Financial Officer

As Lighthouse Electric’s CFO, Doug brings to the company strong financial management. A 1973 graduate of West Liberty University with a B.S. degree in Accounting, he has practiced his profession in the construction industry since 1971.

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