Lighthouse Electric | Schenley Plaza
Lighthouse Electric | Schenley Plaza

Schenley Plaza

Parking Lot to Paradise

Schenley Plaza is the transformation of a parking lot into park-like plaza, designed by Sasaki Associates and modeled on New York’s Bryant Park.

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
Sasaki Associates
Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc.

Lighthouse Electric | Schenley Plaza | Parking Lot Transforation
Parking Lot Transforation

Schenley Plaza offers something for just about everyone: food and drink, movable tables and chairs and a 1-acre lawn to put them on, small gardens for quiet conversations, wireless internet access, a big tent for shelter and shade, restrooms and even a carousel.

Lighthouse Electric| Schenley Plaza | PNC Carousel
Schenley Plaza’s PNC Carousel

The carousel was inspired both by Schenley Park’s long-vanished one at the corner of Panther Hollow and Greenfield roads and the one in Bryant Park. Schenley Plaza’s PNC Carousel was made by Chance Rides Manufacturing of Wichita, Kansas. It holds 20 people, on 15 1950s-style animals or in a handicapped-accessible chariot and a spinning tub suitable for small children and their parents.

This story was based on a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article that can be found here.