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Our Service Team provides complete in-building electrical services. We formed this team by combining the following departments:


This union was driven by our desire to better serve our customers, and provide a seamless solution to their diverse facility and construction needs.

Range of Customer Service Levels

  • On-Call Solution Provider
    • Employee dispatched upon call from customer
  • Dedicated Solution Provider
    • Outsourced employee with an office station at the customer’s designated facility
  • Data Center Management
    • We have staff members who specialize in the management of Data Centers

General Facilities

  • Provide installation and maintenance of anything from the utility coming into the building, to the final device
  • Perform all low voltage work
  • Install and maintain fire alarm systems
  • Install power distribution, switchgear and branch circuiting
  • Routine preventative maintenance on all equipment
  • Upgrade electrical equipment and service

Data Centers

  • Maintain site as built drawings
  • Plan, track and balance loads
  • Coordinate electrical maintenance including breaker, generator and UPS testing
  • Develop procedures to be followed when adds and changes are made
  • Install cabinets and equipment (including floor cutouts, isle containment, supporting infrastructure, etc.)
  • Create web pages and drivers for the power monitoring application that the site uses
  • Document all cabling and patching within the facility
  • Battery maintenance (monthly and yearly)
  • Thermal imaging as needed, not limited to just electrical items (ie. roof inspections, raised floor auditing, etc)
  • FACP maintenance and additions
  • BAS system maintenance and control wiring
  • Security systems repair and additions
  • Site lighting repair
  • Identify areas and methods to improve data center efficiency and performance


The Lighthouse Electric Service Division is a specialized team that manages the following types of work within our company:

  • Emergency & Troubleshooting
  • Operational & Specialty Projects
  • Daily Operations & Maintenance
  • Residential Construction & Maintenance

The Service Division works closely with the Lighthouse project management and estimating teams on a daily basis to ensure that every customer has full access to the company resources they need.

Solutions Partner

Service work is rarely as simple as efficiently executing specifications and blueprints. It usually requires clearly defining the problem before we can even prescribe a solution. To do this, we have to look at your facility as if it were our facility; we have to think like facility managers, not just electricians. Our goal is to become your trusted partner in running your facility, a partner that thinks and acts just as you would.

"24/ 7 Can Do" Commitment

America was built by men and women that had a relentless Can Do Spirit. A Can Do Spirit overcomes everyday problems through persistence and creativity; it refuses to accept failure as an option. Every member of our Service Division team is tenacious and committed to delivering the results you need; we don't quit until the job is done. Whether we are working through the night to restore power to your facility or finding solutions to the challenges of your daily operations, you can count on our 24/7 Can Do commitment.

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