Lighthouse Electric provides a thorough pre-construction process and experience that accelerates the planning phase of the project. This process maximizes the customer’s value for a given cost and enables coordinated construction starts with a seamless transition to the construction phase of the project.

Lighthouse Electric has performed significant pre-construction and Design/Assist work on multiple major projects. To accommodate the increasing importance of pre-construction services over the past 10 years, we have developed key individuals that specialize in pre-construction and coordination.

We will be in constant communication with design team members and other subcontractors from the preliminary coordination stage through final coordination drawings. Some (but not all) of the activities our pre-construction team will perform are as follows:

  • Obtain preliminary drawings from other trades
  • Overlay drawings / Navis
  • Examine drawings and identify any collisions
  • Adjust preliminary drawings to accommodate building needs
  • Follow up and complete coordination with all companies involved in the project
  • Attend any meeting set up by team members to discuss coordination
  • Finalize coordination
  • Obtain sign off drawings
  • Provide foreman with dimensioned and elevated drawings with exploded details on rack / tray locations, switchgear / pads, duct banks, etc.

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