Lighthouse Electric | Allegheny Tunnel
Lighthouse Electric | Allegheny Tunnel

Allegheny Tunnel

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Relighting of the east and west bound tubes of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Allegheny Tunnel. This was a "design build" project requiring Lighthouse not only to install new fixtures, but perform engineering design and installation of the switchgear and power distribution.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Lighthouse Electric/PSE (Professional Systems Engineering, LLC)
Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc.
Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc.

Lighthouse Electric | Allegheny Tunnel | Allegheny Tunnel Relighting Project
Allegheny Tunnel Relighting Project

Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc., also working with our chosen manufacturer, constructed the fixtures based on the Turnpike Authority's criteria. All work including engineering was under the direction of or self-performed by Lighthouse.

Lighthouse Electric | Allegheny Tunnel | Lighting Level
Lighting Level

The lighting level is achieved by the spacing, reflectance and light intensity of the fixture.

Lighthouse Electric | Allegheny Tunnel | Pro & Counter Beam Lighting
Pro & Counter Beam Lighting

This project included light fixtures that were custom designed and fabricated for the reduction of a flicker effect within the tunnel.

Lighthouse Electric | Allegheny Tunnel | Switchgear Room One
Switchgear Room One

Two identical switchgear rooms, one on the tunnel’s east end and one on the tunnel’s west end, serve the tunnel’s power needs.

Lighthouse Electric | Allegheny Tunnel | Switchgear Room Two
Switchgear Room Two

The photo shows one of the two switchgear rooms. At the front right of the photo are four uniterruptible power supplies.