Lighthouse Electric | Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Commitment to Exceptional Care

The new Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC has a commitment to making a visit to the hospital or a hospital stay easier for young patients and their families. To help them fulfill that commitment, they built a new hospital that is warm and welcoming, that delivers exceptional care, and a place that will seem a little like home.

Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc. was awarded four major contracts for electrical and communications / control construction, totaling 22 million dollars, at the new UPMC - Children's Hospital.

CONSTRUCTED: 2005-2009
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
DCK Worldwide (formerly Dick Corp)
Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc.

Lighthouse Electric | Childrens Hospital | Conference Center
Conference Center

The Children's Hospital design was based on ideas and suggestions from patients, family members, and their caregivers. By listening to their advice, they designed a family-centered facility committed to treating the physical and emotional aspects of their patients and those closest to them.

Lighthouse Electric | Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh | Details
John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center / Staff Garage
  • Contracted to Hunt Construction Group
  • 300,000 Square Feet
  • 10 Story
  • Communications / control contract with Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • 9,000’ surface raceway
  • 8,000 wiring devices
  • 770,00’ of raceway
  • 2,093,500’ of wire
  • 10,000’ of cable tray
  • Staff Garage is Design Build
Lighthouse Electric | Childrens Hospital | Central Plant
Central Plant
  • Contracted to Dick Corporation / UPMC
  • Installation of 3 – 2 Megawatt Emergency Generators with provision for 1 future
  • 28,000’ of raceway
  • 85,000’ of wire
  • Emergency Distribution System and
  • Paralleling Switchgear for the entire facility
  • Wiring of 2 – 4160 volt Chillers and 2 – 480 volt Chillers
  • Communications / control contract with Johnson Controls, Inc.
Lighthouse Electric | Childrens Hospital | North Addition Clinical Services Building
North Addition Clinical Services Building
  • Contracted to Dick Corporation / UPMC
  • Installation of 3 Duquesne Light Primary Substations
  • Installation of the medium volt primary switchgear for the entire site
  • 15,000’ of raceway
  • 58,000’ of wire
  • 4160 volt distribution system for the Central Plant, Research Building and Plaza Building
  • Main service consists of 3 – 2500 amp services at 4160 volts
  • Main service line up consists of 25 sections of gear with overhead tie buss
  • There are 4 – double ended switchgear line ups to supply the various buildings
Lighthouse Electric | Childrens Hospital | Research
Division 27
  • Contracted to Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • Building include Research, Central Plant, Staff Garage, Medical Office Building and East Pavilion
  • Systems include: Building Automation, Fire Alarm, Video Surveillance, Access Security, Clocks, Time and Attendance, LAN, PBX and Wireless Access
  • 9,000 Building Automation Points
  • 11,800 system points
Lighthouse Electric | Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh | Video
Virtual Tour

For Additional Information and a “Virtual Tour” that includes many of the campus buildings, please click here.