Lighthouse Electric | The Tower at PNC Plaza
Lighthouse Electric | The Tower at PNC Plaza

The Tower at PNC Plaza

Taking Green to the Next Level

The Tower at PNC Plaza is a skyscraper currently completing construction in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It will have approximately 800,000 square feet and stand 33 stories (545 feet) tall. The project was estimated to cost $400 million when announced in 2011 (or $419 million today).  Construction started in spring of 2012 and is planned to be completed in September 2015. The tower will be the greenest Skyrise ever built and will exceed the current criteria for a LEED Platinum certified building. The Tower will feature numerous sustainable attributes such as an operable double skin facade, an onsite blue water reuse system, locally sourced building materials, fixtures and furniture made from recycled materials, and numerous other green strategies to substantially reduce the environmental impact of the building. Some of these features will enable the Tower's heating and cooling systems to operate in a "net-zero-energy state" up to 30% of the year.

CONSTRUCTED: 2013 - 2015
PNC Bank National Association
P.J. Dick
Lighthouse Electric Company, Inc.

PNC’s Eco Friendly Skyscraper is a Breathable Building